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ARKS Alert

Get at-a-glance updates and push notifications about upcoming events in PSO2:NGS, including Urgent Quests. Customize your notification preferences, mark events as complete as you finish them, view event details including their original announcements, and much more.

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Customize the App Your Way

Settings include allowing push notifications, changing the amount of time before an event starts to get notifications, quiet hours where push notifications are disabled, and manage alerts for other event types - you can even set alerts for the beginning and end of campaigns and incentives.

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Read the Latest Headlines

The built-in news feed pulls the latest news from the official PSO2:NGS website. Tapping on any news article brings you directly to the article to learn more.

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Detailed Event Information

Tap on any event to learn more, including the event description, any required Battle Power, when the event takes place, when that time is relative to your device, and, if available, the original announcement from the official PSO2:NGS website. You can also mark any event as complete after it begins.

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Get Started in Seconds

ARKS Alert is a lightweight app. The download size for the app is typically less than 2MB. Download, open the app, and complete setup in only a matter of seconds.

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