App & Stream Discontinuation Notice

Thank you for using ARKS Alert.

tl,dr: Due to several personal reasons, the development of ARKS Alert has ended. The app and YouTube stream will stop functioning as of Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Unfortunately, with a combination of things from the feed changes, the hours to manage the events feed and stream, notification changes in the most recent version of iOS, and more, all made the management of the app a bit too much to manage for one person while also having a full time job and several other responsibilities.

I’d love to revisit this project sometime in the future again, hopefully when another feed exists as it did in the base Global version of the game. A ton of things the app relied on went away with the release of New Genesis – and, thankfully, the community, including Arks-Layer, really stepped up to keep things working. I’d like to thank the Arks-Layer team for letting me access their feed to keep things working for both weather and urgent quests.

If you’re looking for a replacement, I’d recommend downloading Discord on your computer or phone, joining the Phantasy Star Fleet server, and enabling notifications on the channels you’re interested in getting notifications for, including #en-alerts and #en-boss-alerts. Be sure to check out their other alert channels for the base game and Japanese server if you’re interested in those as well.

I want to thank everyone who used ARKS Alert, whether it was via the app, the Twitter feed, or watching the live stream when possible. It is all incredibly appreciated.